We are a company that specializes in sustainable project management, strategic planning and investing in the future and bringing success to people, projects and organizations.

Headed up by multi-lingual, entrepreneur, medical doctor and Olympic paddler,
Dr Cameron McIntosh, we offer our services in the sporting, medical, and renewable energy sectors.

Songozo is the Zulu word for plan. I have grown up in the Zulu culture and it’s close to my heart. Our motivation behind our name is closer to the meaning of “make a plan to realize your vision”. We believe that until a plan is on paper it’s only an idea; until that plan is successfully implemented it gathers dust; and only when it is executed can it be described as a success.

We simply aim to “Make it Happen” for our clients.

Contact Details

Dr Cameron McIntosch

C 082 879 6762
F 086 655 1130
E cameron@songozo.com

2 Millcrest Villas
Millard Crescent
Summer Strand
Port Elizabeth
Republic of South Africa 6001
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